All official requirements for testing and promotion are documented in the ASU Student handbook.  This page provides additional links and resources to help students prepare and apply for testing.

Additional Testing Resources

(09/2016, Microsoft Word).  This form is required to be filled out by the yudansha test candidate’s instructor, and submitted to the coordinator of the testing event.

(10/2017, Microsoft Excel).  This form must be filled out by all candidates for shodan rank, and submitted to the coordinator of the testing event.

(03/2018, Microsoft Excel). This form must be filled out by all candidates for nidan, sandan, or yondan ranks, and submitted to the coordinator of the testing event.

(09/2016, Microsoft Excel).  Existing yudansha may use this form to apply for an official replacement passbook from Hombu.  Please fill out this form and send it to the ASU office.  Cost is $25 for ASU members.

(Compiled by Guy Hagen, 2011). A guidebook of useful advice from ASU’s top instructors on how to mentally and physically prepare for a strong test.

If you are having difficulty downloading these files, they might be stopped by your browser.  Try downloading, and going to your browser’s “Downloads” queue (under “Windows” menu in Chrome), and use the right-click menu to approve each download.

For each of the Application Forms, please follow all instructions on the first worksheet and fill out all required fields.  Upon completion, print the second worksheet (which will be auto-filled with the information you provided), and submit the printed forms to the coordinator of the testing event (who may be the presiding examiner).  The coordinator / presiding examiner will submit all forms to ASU for processing and review. Candidates who have questions or problems completing the forms may contact

Annual ASU Test Preparation Workshops

A number of annual yudansha test preparation seminars are organized at ASU Dojos across the US.  These workshops are intended to focus specifically on the core expectations for yudansha promotion, and to give students the opportunity to participate in mock testing and gain practice for the exams themselves.  While participation in these seminars is not requisite, students are strongly encouraged to participate at one of these venues.  Participating students and instructors alike have expressed that these workshops and seminars are very helpful for setting expectations, increasing confidence, and improving test performance.  Students from any ASU dojo can participate in any of these seminars.

  • Tampa Bay, Florida: The Aikido Chuseikan Dojo (Tampa Florida) has been holding preparation workshops since 2010 every July (in preparation for the annual Florida Test Seminar).  For details contact
  • Washington D.C.: The ASU Shobukan Dojo in Washington D.C. hosts monthly weapons workshops and Dan test preparation classes throughout the year (with a break through months of June through August).  The classes are held on the 3rd Saturday from 1:00pm to 3:30pm and are open to all ASU students. For details go to their home page at or contact
  • Seattle, Washington: Aikido Eastside hosts a series of One-Day Test Preparation workshops, regular weapons intensives, and randori intensive seminars.  For more information, please visit the events calendar or the Aikido Eastside website.

In addition to the above formal preparation workshops, additional test-focused seminars may be hosted throughout the year. Please refer to the ASU event calendar for details.