Summer Camp Town Hall Meeting July 4, 2017

July 4, 2017
Washington, DC
Shobukan Dojo

I.    The meeting was called to order by President Messores at 5:30 p.m.

II.   The members of the Board were introduced to the membership.

III.  A report was made to the membership on the activities of the Board over
the past six months since January 1, 2017.

A.  The seminars at the Aiki Shrine have continued with two more planned
for this year.

B.  There were several cleaning days at the Shrine that were very successful.

C.  A new roof was purchased by the Board for the main house at the Shrine
and other buildings were repaired or modified for better use by the

D.  The Ethics Statement was written, approved by the lawyer and Board and
posted on the ASU website.

E.  The requirements for yudansha promotion were redone and posted.

F.  Requirements for foreign dojo to join the ASU were written and will be

G.  A newsletter has been started that is sent to all of the dojo cho and should
be posted for membership to read.

H.  New mats were purchased by the ASU Board for the Shine Dojo.

I.  Winter Camp will now be run through the ASU Board.

J.  One hundred and eighty new mats will be purchased for Winter Camp.

K.  The mortgage on the Shrine property was paid.

L.  The Instructional Committee got a very good response to a survey on
working with beginners.

M.  A Scholarship Program has been started and the first four 2018 Winter
Camp Scholarships have been granted.

IV.  The Board open the meeting for questions from the membership.

Q.  Does the Board have a process for accepting new dojo into the ASU?

A.  Yes, there is policy and it can be found on the ASU website.

Q.  What are the testing requirements?

A.  These can be found on the ASU website.

Q.  How is Aikido membership doing world-wide?

A.  The Board can only address membership in the ASU which is holding
steady at this time.

Q.  How can we retain new members?

A.  The Instructional Committee is working on this problem right now.
They’re working on gathering various ways that different dojo deal
with this problem.  They hope to have something ready for the
membership in the near future.

Q.  How will members of the Board train new Board members? Is there
an internship planned?

A.  The Board terms are staggered so the first new members to be
formally replaced will be January 2019.  The Advisory Committee
submits a list of candidates to the Board who will then chose the
new members.  At this time, Board members must be sixth dan and
above and members in good standing of the ASU.