This is an extended collection of photographs from Saotome Sensei’s life, created to accompany our biography of Saotome Sensei. If you have photos you would like to add to this collection, please send them to In the body of your email please include (as possible):
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Saotome Sensei Saotome Sensei—Mary McIntire

Sarasota (1970s and ’80s)

Sarasota 1978—1 Sarasota 1978—2 Sarasota 1978—3 Sarasota 1978—4 Sarasota 1978—5 Sarasota 1978—6S Sensei Sarasota_2S Sensei Sarasota_3 S Sensei_SarasotaSarasota_1  S Sensei Sarasota_4 Sarasota dojo shrinePatty Saotome Sensei

United Nations Demonstration (1978)

UN demo—2 UN demo—3 UN demo—4  UN demo—6UN-demo—1a-rotated UN demo—5

Boulder Winter Camp (1980s)

Boulder Winter Camp_2 Boulder Winter Camp_3 Boulder Winter Camp_4Boulder Winter Camp_1

Chicago Shrine Dedication (1985)

S Sensei Chicago_1 S Sensei Chicago_2

Doshu Visit (1991)

Doshu visit_1 Doshu visit_2 Doshu visit_3 Doshu visit_4 Doshu visit_5 Doshu visit_6 Doshu visit_7 Doshu visit_8 Doshu visit_9 Doshu visit_10 Doshu visit_12 Doshu visit_13 Doshu visit_14 Doshu visit_15 Doshu visit_16  Doshu visit_17Kishomaru Ueshiba Doshu visit_1Kishomaru Ueshiba Doshu visit_2