Report from the Board of Directors: January, 2017

The Board is currently working on the following projects:

  1. A “mudansha” passport that non-black belts could use to record their seminars. These would be on sale at various seminars and are not  mandatory.
  2. A scholarship fund that will be used to help students get to camps and various seminars in the ASU.
  3. The policy on seminar/camp requirements is almost finished. A big thank you to all of the committee members who worked on this important policy.
  4. Kagami Biraki certificates will be distributed this month.
  5. New mats have been purchased for the Shrine Dojo and are down in the Shrine though the good graces and kind help of the members of the12th Street Dojo from Sarasota, spearheaded by Melissa Bell and Ken Osbun, manager of the Aiki Shrine. Thank you so much!
  6. The new Ethics Statement has been completed and is available on the ASU website (  Thanks to Richard Moore for his efforts on this project and Guy Hagen for posting it.