Utsusemi Aikikai/Houston Aikido


Ken McGrew (3rd dan)


16511 Diana Lane
Houston, TX 77062


Website: http://www.utsusemiaikikai.com
Email: utsusemiAikikai@mac.com

Utsusemi Aikikai provides the Houston area with martial arts instruction in traditional post-war Aikido. Aikido,"the way of harmony," is a modern Japanese martial art with deep roots in Samurai tradition. In Aikido one blends with an attacker’s force as a means to unbalance, subdue, and control him or her. At Utsusemi Aikikai martial awareness and self-defense are learned through a cooperative training process, designed to prevent injuries and allow students to develop at their own pace. Aikido is a martial way, meaning the purpose of training is more than the accumulation of techniques, but as a way to better ourselves as human beings.