Official announcements and communications from the ASU board.

Report from the Board of Directors: September, 2016

Report from the Board of Directors: for September, 2016

It has been a very busy few months since the Town Meeting held at Summer Camp.

The Board is pleased to announce that Tres Hofmeister Sensei from the Boulder Aikikai has accepted the position of Board member to serve out Dr. Craig Eddy’s term.

The Shrine Dojo has a caretaker in Ken Osbun who hails from Ohio and has been willing to move to Sarasota to help maintain the house and Shrine Dojo.

Also in Shrine news, Julie Tollen has been asked to coordinate upcoming Shrine seminars. The schedule is being worked on and the first “practice” session will be held in September for new shodans. Saotome Sensei has graciously agreed to teach. Robert Deppe Sensei will also be instructing. Dojo Cho will be contacted with invitations to the next session in the near future. Watch your e-mails.

Much work is being done in advance of this first event to upgrade the shrine and property including power washing and staining of the Dojo floors, decks and railing as well as grounds clean up.

The ASU Handbook is being re-vamped to reflect new testing policy, forms, etc. It will be on the website. All printed copies are now out-of-date. Please refer to the Handbook on the website ( for current policy.

The ASU Board of Directors has been creating a positive relationship with Hombu Dojo and the Board Secretary will be in Japan in October to pay an official visit.

Please note that Board members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation from the ASU for their efforts.

Finally, there are two more camps, the very first West Coast Fall Camp at Redlands, CA (, and Winter Camp (, at St. Petersburg, Florida that will be held in 2016. There will be a Town Hall meeting at the West Coast Fall Camp and a Dojo Cho meeting at Winter Camp.