Saotome Sensei: Three Types of Aiki

Saotome Sensei at Kuwamori Dojo

By Guy Hagen (Aikido Chuseikan of Tampa Bay)November 4, 2023 During the first part of Saotome Sensei’s 2023 visit to Japan, several of us were staying in Tokyo in the […]

What Aikido Means To Me?

Diana Simonds (Aikido of Maine)   This question has accompanied me since first seeing it as a pre-seminar assignment at the end of an e-mail last week. My initial reaction […]

What Makes Saotome Sensei’s Aikido Unique?

By Josh Drachman Sensei, 6th dan   Saotome Sensei possesses unusual abilities that make Sensei unique as a martial artist and teacher and have inspired so many to take up […]

Wendy Whited Sensei

1952-2021 Wendy Whited Shihan, was one of a small group of instructors at the highest level of theAikido Schools of Ueshiba. Awarded a seventh Dan in 2012 by Hombu Dojo […]