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Report from the Board of Directors: November 2017

Report From November Board Meeting 1.The ASU now has policy for foreign dojo to join the ASU. Currently, there are three dojo interested. 2. Chetan Prakash has been named the Liaison between the Board and foreign dojo wishing to join the ASU. 3.The Board is exploring various ideas to improve weapons skills throughout the organization. 4.  The report from Winter Camp is […]

Summer Camp Town Hall Meeting July 4, 2017

July 4, 2017 Washington, DC Shobukan Dojo I.    The meeting was called to order by President Messores at 5:30 p.m. II.   The members of the Board were introduced to the membership. III.  A report was made to the membership on the activities of the Board over the past six months since January 1, 2017. […]

Report from the Board of Directors: May, 2017

1.  ASU testing fees and annual dues will be $25 for college sudents training in any ASU club as of June 2017. 2.  The Board is working on policy for admitting foreign dojo into the ASU. 3.  The Board is going to purchase 180 new mats to be used for Winter Camp. 4.  The Winter […]

Report from the Board of Directors: March, 2017

The Board is working on the new policy for promotions which will contain seminar requirements. During this process, the Board, with input from all of the ASU committees, developed the follow list of reason people should go to seminars: A.  Improve technical skills by practicing with different senior students, either as training partners or under the direction of […]

Report from the Board of Directors: January, 2017

The Board is currently working on the following projects: A “mudansha” passport that non-black belts could use to record their seminars. These would be on sale at various seminars and are not  mandatory. A scholarship fund that will be used to help students get to camps and various seminars in the ASU. The policy on seminar/camp requirements is […]

Summer Camp Town Hall Meeting July 4, 2016

Summer Camp Town Hall Meeting July 4, 2016 – Washington, D.C. The first Town Hall meeting with the new ASU Board of Directors started with President John Messores introducing the Board members, and then giving a run down on the tasks accomplished by the Board since its inception last year (2015). The ASU is now […]