ASU Yudansha Exam Preparation Handbook

In theory, regular practice of Aikido under a qualified instructor will prepare a student to pass their black belt test and to handle situations of stress, aggression and violence.  However, we are often nervous when test time approaches, as subconsciously we don’t have confidence that normal keiko is sufficient preparation for the above-normal stress and performance associated with testing.  We’ve all heard stories about students who have trained for a long time but had bad tests or even failed. Psychology teaches us that humans perform best when provided clear and consistent goals and expectations, and then are given the tools to achieve them.  This handbook was assembled to help bridge the gap between testing expectation and preparation by sharing the best advice of some of ASU’s top instructors. Sharing this handbook and linking to this page are encouraged; please, however, link to the page and not directly to the handbook. While the handbook is worded and focused foremost for members of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, it’s our hope that the concepts and advice will be useful for Aikido students regardless of their affiliation or style. ASU Yudansha Exam Handbook