The Aiki Shrine

The Aiki Shrine is located in Southwest Florida. It was designed and built by Saotome Sensei and his students as a place where advanced practitioners could study O-Sensei’s vision of Aikido.

The Aiki Shrine was built to recreate and preserve the deep sense of spirituality and connectedness to nature that Saotome Sensei recalled of the original Iwama Shrine from his years serving and living with O-Sensei as uchi-deshi. In 2016, Saotome Sensei transferred ownership of the Aiki Shrine to the ASU to preserve as a lasting and physical legacy, and to unify future generations of ASU students and instructors through a living heritage and lineage to the spirit of O-Sensei.

Erecting the new torii gate in July 2021
January 2022: Ceremony to hang the shimenawa protection rope

Weekend Training Retreats with Mitsugi Saotome Shihan

Aiki Shrine Sessions give students a chance to deepen their practice, discover mentors and make lasting friendships through intensive aikido training at the Aiki Shrine in the pristine, natural environs of the Aiki Ranch. Open to ASU yudansha members (ikkyu and nikyu students by instructor recommendation).

Fall 2022 Session Dates:

  • October 28-30, 2022 with Robin Cooper Sensei
  • November 11-13, 2022 Upper Dan Ranks

Spring 2023 Session Dates:

  • Feb 2023  Details TBA
  • Mar 2023  Details TBA

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A New Future for the Aiki Shrine

The Aiki Shrine offers unique training events throughout the year, open to ASU Yudansha. Attending a special session at the Aiki Shrine is an honor, and allows students an opportunity to practice in this special setting. Since each session is small (approximately 20 people), it is an intimate environment, allowing for one on one interaction with Saotome Sensei and other visiting teachers. It also creates an opportunity to meet and create long-lasting relationships with your peers from ASU community around the country.


ASU NOW – The ASU Capital Campaign

Continuing and growing the legacy of the Aiki Shrine is a significant and ongoing challenge.  The ASU is announcing ASU NOW, an evergreen fundraising campaign to support the maintenance of the Aiki Shrine, and to create a sustainable foundation to support special facets of the ongoing mission of the ASU.

Your Donations Are Tax Deductible

The ASU has been established as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and has established the Craig Eddy Foundation as the repository for all charitable contributions.  All donations to ASU and the Foundation can be tax deductible.  Your contributions declare your commitment as a member and supporter of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. Please consider making a contribution to the future of ASU and Aikido, and the shared vision of O Sensei and Saotome Sensei for bringing harmony to the world.


Make a charitable donation to the ASU Foundation by personal or cashier’s check sent to:

ASU Capital Campaign
6706 N Nebraska Ave #9746
Tampa, FL 33674


Donate at your convenience online. No amount too big or too small.


Add an amount to your annual ASU membership dues; talk to your Dojo Cho to make sure your contribution is noted.

Estate Contributions

Please consider including the ASU Foundation when planning your will or estate. For more information, contact:

ASU Capital Campaign
C/O Gary Small
6706 N Nebraska Ave #9746Tampa, FL 33674

ASU Shrine Patrons (you know who you are!), thank you for supporting Aiki Shrine and the vision of Aiki University!