The ASU Board of Directors has implemented a new Dojo Ambassador program to recognize ASU members who have worked to bridge ASU Dojos together.  The purpose is to foster friendships and connections among ASU dojos, and to help unify the ASU as a whole.  Participants who complete the requirements will be recognized as an ASU Ambassador, and will receive a certificate and recognition from the organization which will include their name on the List of Ambassadors on the website.  This recognition is independent of rank, and any active ASU member can participate.

List of ASU Ambassadors

  1. Tim Magill, Shindai Aikikai (6/2017)
  2. Ola Karasik, Shindai Aikikai (10/2017)

How to Apply

  1. To qualify, an ASU member must complete the application form at the bottom of the page with the following information:
    1. The full name (first, last) of the applicant.
    2. The applicant’s ASU member number (ASU dues must be up-to-date).
    3. The name of the applicant’s instructor (if applicable).
    4. The name of the applicant’s Dojo.
  2. The applicant must take a picture of themselves at ten different ASU Dojos (as listed on the ASU Dojo Directory that they visited within the last 3 years, and not including their home Dojo or the Aiki Shrine), and upload all ten photos along with the name of the visited Dojo and the date they were taken to the application form below.  The pictures should meet the following requirements:
    1. They should be taken in front of the Dojo kamiza, in uniform – Ambassadors should have actually trained at the Dojos, not just have “dropped in”.
    2. The photo filenames should include the name of the Dojo.
    3. The photos must be in JPEG/JPG or PNG format only.
    4. The photos must be no larger than 1MB in size.

Once processed, a certificate will be mailed to the applicant’s home Dojo.  If you have any problems with the application form, please contact

Application Form

    Your Name (required):

    Your Email (required):

    Your ASU Membership Number (required):

    Your Home Dojo (required):

    Your Instructor’s name (if applicable):

    Date Visited

    Name of Dojo Visited

    “Selfie” Photo Proof Of Your Visit