The administration of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba is led by an appointed Board of senior instructors, each serving a 3-year term that can be extended for another 3 years. Starting January 2022, the Board is made up of the following individuals:

  • President: Marsha Turner
  • Vice President: Mike Page
  • Secretary: Lee Crawford
  • Treasurer: Gary Small
  • Board Members-At-Large: Robin Cooper, Raso Hultgren, Eugene Lee

As part of our responsibilities to World Aikikai Headquarters (Hombu) and to support our ongoing mission, the ASU Board has established standing committees in the following areas:

  • Kagami Biraki – John Messores, George Ledyard, Bill Gleason, Chuck Weber, Tres Hofmeister, Raso Hultgren (Board Liaison), Charles Tseng, Robin Cooper, Dan Messisco
  • Examination Committee – Leslie Russek (Chair),  Robin Cooper, Nick Kiritz, George Ledyard, Tim McGill, Craig Slack, Meredith Abel, Erwin Ricafort, Mike Page (Board Liaison)
  • Instructional Committee – Melissa Bell (Chair), Mike Page (Board Liaison), Chris Guzik, Matthew Heersche, Jean-Marc Wise, Kay Sandacz, James Gardner

Other committees, their chairs and our general administration: 

  • ASU Office Administrator: Don Ellingsworth (
  • General Counsel: Richard Moore
  • Marketing and Digital Communications Director: Gary Small (
  • ASU NOW Fundrasing Committee Chair: Gary Small  (
  • Grants: Kay Sandacz (
  • International Dojo Liaison: Chetan Prakash (
  • Shrine Coordinator: Julie Tollen (
  • Shrine Property Master Plan: Brian Canin
  • Newsletter Coordinator: Matt Fisher
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Robin Cooper
  • Winter Intensive: Melissa Bell, Rebecca Musy
  • Video Archive Project: Aaron Ward
  • Saotome Sensei’s Artwork Archive Project: Garth Jones

Updated 9/5/2023. For recent Board announcements and communications, please visit this link.