The administration of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba is led by an appointed Board of senior instructors, each serving a 4-6 year term.  Currently (March, 2018), the Board consists of the following individuals:

  • President: Robert Deppe
  • Vice President: Chetan Prakash
  • Secretary: Wendy Whited
  • Treasurer: Josh Drachman
  • Members-At-Large: John Messores, Tres Hofmeister, Ania Small

As part of our responsibilities to World Aikikai Headquarters (Hombu) and to support our ongoing mission, the ASU Board has established standing committees in the following areas:

  • Examination Committee – John Messores ( + T. Alpert, B. Healy, N. Kiritz, S. Matthews, M. McIntire, G. Ledyard
  • Instructional Committee – Wendy Whited ( +  M. Page, M. Bell, G. Olsen, C. Guzik, A. Small
  • Advisory Committee – D. Bolt, L. Cuffy, D. Fisher, T. Haines, J. Hargis, D. Herbert, L. Libby, K. Sandacz, S. Schneid, B. Schultz, S. Seymour, R. Webb

ASU operational staff consist of:

  • ASU Office Administrator: Don Ellingsworth (
  • General Counsel: Richard Moore
  • Marketing and Digital Communications Director: Guy Hagen (
    • Video Producer: Matt Stephen (
    • Video Engineer: Marc Fox (
    • Community Manager: Thuy-Tu Tran (
  • Capital Campaign Coordinator: Steve Fasen (
  • Foreign Dojo Liaison: Chetan Prakash (
  • Shrine Coordinator: Julie Tollen (
  • Ranch Manager: Ken Osbun

Updated 1/28/2019. For recent Board announcements and communications, please visit this link.