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The Fudoshin Dojo

The Fudoshin Dojo is an ASU-affiliated Aikido school located in Tampa, FL operating under the direction of Sensei Matt Stephen. Our ranks are recognized by Aikido world headquarters (Aikikai), and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality in martial art training without discrimination by sex, age, or gender.

Sensei Matt holds the Aikido rank of 3rd dan and has been practicing since 2005. He also has dan ranking in Shotokan Karate through the JKA-WF and has been studying since 1995. He is a Systema instructor under Kevin Secours through the ICSA and has been practicing systema for the past 11 years

Fudoshin translates as the immovable mind. It is a state of complete composure and fearlessness. It is the unshakable spirit that is able to surmount every obstacle that comes in its path. Under stress the mind cannot be disturbed by confusion, fear, doubt, or hesitation. It is this feeling that we are trying to foster, explore, and understand.

Tuesday and Thurseday Systema 7-8:30p Friday Aikido 7-8:30p

visitors should email prior to coming

We offer adult classes only for Aikido and Russian Systema. we will be adding Shotokan Karate in the future.