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Shidokan, in the context of this dojo, translates as "The Place for the Study of Leadership to Protect Society". We are a traditional Japanese martial arts dojo. Founded in the spirit of the Samurai, Shidokan is organized and operated in the spirit of true Budo with training emphasis on both mental and physical, as well as spiritual martial development. Spiritual Martial Development is not to be confused with religion, only the inner spirit of each Martial Practitioner; all that is in a human being, all that is what makes each individual who they are and can become. To identify, cultivate and develop ones true Self. Emphasis on training with honesty and intent, but under complete control, in order for each student to develop themselves to their fullest, is the goal of Shidokan. Initially, Martial Training is a selfish endeavor, and must be in order to reach a place that ones training become selfless. Self-control, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-defense, self-respect etc., are attributes that one can attain through any endeavor, however martial arts happens to be rooted in these qualities. To know and understand those things essential for a quality of life, and with that understanding, give those same qualities selflessly to others in our lives. Selflessness is the attainment of true Budo.

Sterling Sensei began his study in the Martial Arts at the age of 13 with Judo and Ju jitsu, served in the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division, 2-14 (LI). and began his study of Aikido in 1992, volunteered with The Alliance of Guardian Angels, led and trained Chapter 29 in Phoenix, Arizona, employed by the State of Arizona Dept. of Juvenile Corrections and later Dept. of Corrections, graduating in the top of his classes and becoming a TSU (Tactical Support Unit) team member. In 2000 relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada with the State of Nevada Dept. of Prisons, and in April of 2001 opened Desert Wind Aikido Las Vegas, later becoming Desert Wind Martial Arts and ultimately Shidokan. Sterling Sensei has worked with state, and federally contracted agencies, as well as security in the nightclub and casino industries, being assigned to special details and personal escort to high profile figures such as General Norman Schwarzkopf, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. He has conducted many charitable classes for organizations such as Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Southern Nevada, Nevada Children's Center, Clark County Parks & Recreation Rec Trek program, and has also conducted self-defense and awareness classes for local government agencies, and private organizations both in Arizona and Nevada. Sterling Sensei has been employed as a Police Officer with the Department Of Defense Force Protection Unit and has conducted Defensive Tactics classes for DOD Officers and U.S. Navy Training Cadre, FTO's, Border Patrol and US Customs agents. In 2006 Sterling Sensei conducted personal protection missions as a PSD (Personal Security Detail) Operator in Iraq for high ranking U.S. military personnel, as well as civilian personnel key to the building of the Iraq infrastructure. Owner/chief instructor of Responsible Firearm Owners in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor developing curriculum, conducting classes/workshops, hosting seminars and guest instructors, and remains active in private investigation/personal protection.

In April of 2001, after Sensei Steven Williams’ death and at the charge of Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, Sterling Sensei started Desert Wind Aikido Las Vegas at the Desert Breeze Community Center. In July of 2003, DWALV evolved into Desert Wind Martial Arts, a full time dojo opened, offering various traditional martial arts a home in Las Vegas. In October 2009 Saotome Shihan suggested the dojo name Shidokan “The place for the study of Leadership to Protect Society”, and in July 2010 DWMA was officially changed.