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Red Rock Aikido

Come to the magical red rocks of Sedona Arizona and train in our "Storage Unit Dojo" and train in our soon to be rebuilt outdoor dojo.

Eric Henkels started training in 1975 with Aikira Tohei Sensei at Illinois Aikido Club. He received his Shodan from Shigeru Suzuki Sensei. shortly thereafter, the dojo was renamed Chicago Aikikai. In 1984 he moved to St Louis and opened Missouri Aikikai.. In 1994 he turned his dojo over to Sensei Irene Wellington and moved to Sedona, Arizona and opened Red Rock Aikido. He received his Ni Dan thru Go Dan from Saotome Shihan. He has had the privilege of training with twenty senseis who have trained directly with O'Sensei. His main influences have been Saotome Shihan, Ikeda Shihan, Mary Heiny Sensei, Terry Dobson Sensei, George Ledyard Sensei, and Bill Gleason Sensei.

The dojo was created in 1994 by Eric Henkels. It started in a yoga studio, and other martial arts dojo, and then Eric built an outdoor dojo on his property. After several years, he opened an indoor dojo at a storage unit at his business, Sedona Moving & Storage. He has started constructing a larger outdoor dojo that should be open late in 2019.

Classes are Mondays and Thursdays from 5:30PM until 6:45PM