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Oberlin College Aikikai

Oberlin Aikido Club, also known as Oberlin Aikikai, founded in 1974, is one of the oldest collegiate Aikido organizations in the US.

Andrzej Siwkiewicz, Yondan began his martial arts training in Poland practicing Hungar Style of Kung Fu. In 1983 he joined a new Aikido club at the University of Warsaw where he trained under Roman Hoffman sensei. In late 1980s he moved to West Berlin where he joined Aikido Zen Institute training under Gerhard Walter Shihan. After coming to US he came to Cleveland and joined Cleveland Aikikai, where he received his Yudansha certificates from Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan and Mitsubi Saotome Shihan. He was appointed head instructor of Oberlin Aikikai in 2005 and has been teaching there since, in addition to his classes at Cleveland Aikikai.

Established by a group of students with Frank Hreha sensei as its first instructor, the Oberlin Aikikai is affiliated with Aikido Schools of Ueshiba and Mitsugi Saotome Shihan with a direct lineage to the Founder Morihei Ueshiba. Over the years Saotome Sensei taught seminars and Winter Term courses in Oberlin after coming to US. His most recent visit to Oberlin was to celebrate Oberlin Aikikai 40th Anniversary at a May Fair seminar in 2014. Each year Oberlin AIkikai invites senior instructors to teach Aikido seminars open to all. The majority of Oberlin Aikikai members are Oberlin College students who supplement their academic studies with time spent on the mat. The membership also extends to residents of local communities. Though they come from many different backgrounds, the Oberlin Aikikai members are all unified in their dedication to study Aikido, and how it can apply its principles to their daily lives. Over the past 45 years over 4000 students came through the Club and its ExCo program. Members and seminar participants come from all continents and cultures.