Protected: 2021 ASU Dojo Dues Waiver Application

ASU Cincinnati Aikido

Self Defense - How to fall safely, how to protect yourself with proven methods, how to connect with your surroundings to understand if it is safe or unsafe, how to resolve conflict in the right way that keeps you safe. Awareness -Until you are aware you can not be conscious and you will remain unconscious. Awareness is not limited to the mind but is very connected with the body, the physical world; and with the spirit inside you. Your surroundings and ​ environment need to be always in your awareness in today's world. Centered & Balanced - Life is all very connected and to find balance in your life you need to start with you. Your mind balance, your body physical balance, your spirit balance, your balance with the earth and its gravity, and your balance with the community of life. To be centered, one explores consciously how to be connected to the "you" and who you are and who you want to be. Your self confidence, your physical confidence, your mind, body, spirit confidence!