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Aikido of Maine


Gary Small (6th dan) and Ania Small (5th dan)


226 Anderson Street
Portland, ME 04101


Phone: 207-879-9207

Aikido of Maine is located on the peninsula in Portland, less than a minute from I-295. There is plenty of parking available in the lot in front of the building and on the street. We hold seminars seasonally and have daily classes for children and adults. Our adult training is available mornings and evenings. Visitors are always welcome.

Gary Small was promoted to Rokyudan (6th dan). He began his martial arts and Aikido training in 1974. ”I am always excited with the many ways aikido can help people who are in need of transition and am humbled by the power of the practice to help people improve their lives”. Ania Small Is a godan (5th dan) in Aikido. She began her Aikido training in Warsaw, Poland in 1983. I came across Aikido class completely by accident, what I saw, completely captivated me. I loved the beauty of Aikido movement, I noticed that people were enjoying the practice and later learned that it was a non-competitive art. After participating in competitive team sports, I was looking for a physical activity I could enjoy and engage in without the focus on winning or loosing. Now, years later, I fell very lucky to have Aikido in my life.

Our Dojo Opened in 2001

  • Monday Tuesday and Thursday 9am
  • Wednesday and Friday 6am
  • Childrens Monday tuesday wednesday thursday at 3:30pm
  • Saturday at 10:45am
  • adult classes 6pm
  • Mon tuesday wed thursday 7:10pm

We have a vital childrens program and adult classes for new and advanced practice. We also always have a way for new people to enter the practice. We have weapons classes three times a week