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Aikido of Madison

AOM Mission The mission of Aikido of Madison is to create an inclusive environment for all who wish to study Aikido. We strive to meet the individual needs of our Aikido dojo family members. While some practitioners are experienced martial artists, others are new to the art of Aikido and some are new to (or returning to) being physically active. Wherever you may be on your journey, there is a place for you at Aikido of Madison. If this sounds like the place for you, you can click here to learn about joining Aikido of Madison. All of us at Aikido of Madison are committed to resolving conflict without causing harm in our day to day lives as well as in times of crisis.

Robin Cooper, Chief Instructor began her study of Aikido in 1974 and had the privilege of meeting Saotome Sensei in 1977. She began her true study with Saotome Sensei at Winter Camp in Sarasota, Florida, a life transforming experience. Robin Sensei holds the rank of rokudan (6th degree black belt), which she received in January, 2006 from Saotome Sensei. Robin Sensei’s study of Aikido has informed her work and personal life, revealing many useful paths to resolving the conflicts of daily life, relationships and work. She has spent four plus decades learning from and serving individuals with disabilities who have taught her about inclusion and perseverance. Robin Sensei teaches adult classes for both advanced and beginner students. .Aikido of Madison has a roster of highly skilled and experienced instructors including: Jeff Hempel, 5th Dan Barb Brown, 5th dan Kerry Connell, 4th dan Cathy Middlecamp, 4th dan Jason Rudolph, 3rd dan Mark Bissen, 2nd dan Lynn Litterer, 2nd dan Wayne Lineus, 2nd dan Justin Moebus, 1st dan Martin Vire, 1st dan

Aikido of Madison began in 1984 when John Stone and Robin Cooper opened their first class at the old Turners’ Hall just off the square. There were 20 people at the first class, which was part of a four-week beginners’ course. Some of the people attending had followed John and Robin from the University of Wisconsin Aikido Club, where they had taught since 1980. After the course ended, enough people continued training that John and Robin were able to move into their first real dojo, which was located in the space behind a pet store on Williamson Street. This was in the summer of 1984. They stayed there until the early 1990’s, when the growth in the number of students caused them to move up the street to 916 Williamson, where Madison Sourdough is today. After a few years there, they decided to move once again and bought the old Madison School Supply building at 2219 Atwood Avenue which they renovated and moved into in 1998. They’ve been at that location ever since. The dojo is a beautiful and peaceful space dedicated to the study of martial arts. We are a “family style” dojo, open to all and supportive of anyone who wants to join us.

Aikido of Madison Schedule

Aikido of Madison offers aikido classes for adults, teens and children. We offer 10 classes a week for adults as well as open mat on alternating Sundays. We also have monthly black belt (yudansha) training and monthly ukemi (falls) class. We also offer two children's classes per week and a special training weekly for teens. Aikido of Madison also hosts East Madison Karate, a traditional karate school, Katori Shinto Ryu, a traditional sword art, and weekly Zen Meditation.

Aikido of Madison Dues Visitors: No donation required, none refused.