Summer Camp Town Hall Meeting July 4, 2016

Summer Camp Town Hall Meeting July 4, 2016 – Washington, D.C.

The first Town Hall meeting with the new ASU Board of Directors started with President John Messores introducing the Board members, and then giving a run down on the tasks accomplished by the Board since its inception last year (2015).

  1. The ASU is now an official Not For Profit organization; that makes donations to the ASU tax deductible.
  2. While the ASU has been associated with Hombu Dojo via Saotome Sensei in the past, the ASU is now an official Hombu international association.
  3. The former residence of Saotome Sensei including the Aiki Shrine training facility was purchased due to the generosity of several members.

Next, the membership asked questions of the Board. Some of the points of inquiry touched on at the meeting were:

  1. There are no plans by the Board to establish “regions” controlled by specific Board members.
  2. While the ASU is a Not for Profit organization, the Board is not currently interested in having the ASU as an umbrella for member dojos to become Not for Profits as well.
  3. Any dojo may and can ask anyone to teach at their dojo (ASU or Non-ASU instructors). Dojo cho are asked to try to coordinate seminar dates with other dojo in their areas to avoid conflicts and overlap.
  4. The Board members are interested in comments from the membership and can reached at the e-mail address posted on the ASU website, board at asu dot org.