The administration of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba is led by an appointed Board of senior instructors, each serving a 4-6 year term.  Currently, the Board consists of the following individuals:

  • President: John Messores
  • Vice President: George Ledyard
  • Secretary: Wendy Whited
  • Treasurer: Josh Drachman
  • Chetan Prakash
  • Robert Deppe
  • Tres Hofmeister

As part of our responsibilities to World Aikikai Headquarters (Hombu) and to support our ongoing mission, the ASU Board has established standing committees in the following areas:

  • Examination Committee – John Messores ( + C. Weber, R. Deppe, R. Hultgren, S. Fasen, M. Turner, T. Hofmeister
  • Instructional Committee – Wendy Whited ( +  M. Page, J. Alvarez, M. Bell, L. Crawford, T. Farrow, W. Gleason, K. Lee, G. Olsen, D Penrod
  • Advisory Committee – R. Cooper, B. Canin, C. Geeroms, T. Haines, D. Moock, S. Sato, S. Schneid, G. Small, T. Alpert, A. Arango, J. Weik

ASU operational staff consist of:

  • Office Administrator: Don Ellingsworth (
  • General Counsel: Richard Moore
  • Marketing and Digital Communications Director: Guy Hagen (
    • Video Producer: Matt Stephen (
    • Video Engineer: Marc Fox (
    • Community Manager: Thuy-Tu Tran (
  • Capital Campaign Coordinator: Steve Fasen (
  • Foreign Dojo Liaison: Chetan Prakash (

For recent Board announcements and communications, please visit this link.