A New Future for the ASU Aiki Shrine Dojo

The new ASU organization has acquired the Aiki Shrine in Myakka City, Florida.  This iconic structure, formerly Saotome Sensei’s home and personal Dojo, will now stand as a lasting symbol and heritage of the ASU.  It represents part of an unparalleled Aikido legacy, handed down to us and the world by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan.

Saotome Sensei designated this shrine as a place where Aikido students can study the highest or most spiritual ideals of O Sensei’s vision.  In addition, the Aiki Shrine was built to recreate and preserve the deep sense of spirituality and connection to nature that he recalled of the original Iwama Shrine from his days serving and living with O Sensei as one of his few live-in Uchi Deshi. The ASU organization will work diligently to support and continue Sensei’s vision by crafting special training opportunities and protecting this treasure.

The future of the Aiki Shrine as the physical heart of the ASU will include scheduled and unique training events throughout the year.  Some will be announced in 2016.  For those who attend, these special training opportunities will constitute profound and meaningful experiences.

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In the months to come we will be revealing the structure of a special ASU Capital Campaign, which will establish the financial foundation for the maintenance and support of this great treasure. It all starts with the Dojos, Dojo Cho and Members of the ASU.  Next week we will present the first phase of this campaign. We look forward to your generous response!